Product Purpose:商场、机场、地铁、公交站台等场所的单面灯箱;

Applicable Occasions:室内外灯箱

Scope of Application:适用于6-20cm厚度单面灯箱。

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Product Details

Product Specifications

Product name: CREE high power backlight module

Series Model: MJX262D

Product use: Applicable occasions: single-sided light boxes in shopping malls, airports, subways, bus stops and other places;

Applicable occasions: indoor and outdoor light boxes;

Scope of application: Suitable for single-sided light boxes with a thickness of 6-20cm.

Product Features:

1. The light source adopts 3030 high-brightness lamp beads

2. Optical lens, luminous angle 160°

3. Constant current circuit design, high stability, consistent brightness of the first and last modules

4. Fire rating UL94V-0

5. The aluminum substrate is exposed, with thermal conductive double-sided adhesive on the back, and the heat dissipation effect is good

6. 5 years warranty, durable

7. DC12V low power input, safe and reliable use, waterproof grade up to IP65

8. Applied to advertising light boxes with a thickness of 6-20cm, and also suitable for local lighting of places, etc.

Installation method:

Installed on the bottom of the light box, pre-positioned with adhesive, and fixed with screws;

Cascade can be cut: a single module can be cut;

Photoelectric parameters:

Product Code
Luminous color

Color temperature (K)

Wavelength (nm)

Beam angle


Luminous flux


color rendering index


light effect



(V DC)



6000-7000 160 130 ≥75
87 12 160

Additional parameters:

Standard Cascade Number (PCS)


drive mode

Weight (g/pcs)

Working environment (℃)

Storage temperature (℃)

Protection class

Product Size

(length X width X height mm)

Number of LEDs


Warranty (year)



constant current









①The test environment temperature is 25±2℃;

②The above data are typical values, and the actual parameters of the product may be different from the typical data. Data are subject to change without notice.

③This module is a high-power product and cannot use double-ended power supply.

External Dimensions:

Light distribution graph:

Connection diagram

Lighting data

Lightbox thickness (mm)

Light bar spacing (mm)

Installation density (pcs/㎡)

Surface Illumination(lux













Installation Instructions

※The main power cable should use more than 2x1.5mm2 cable. If the power cable of the straight light needs to be lengthened, it must use a wire with a specification of 0.75mm2/18# or above, so as to avoid overloading the power cable and cause the power cable to overheat and cause adverse consequences. Switch the power supply and the straight light The length of the power line between the two should not exceed 3 meters, otherwise the line loss will increase and the total power will increase;

※Please use the wiring scheme in the connection diagram;

※When installing the straight light, screw the screw into the hole of the fixing frame and lock it;

※When the wire conductor is exposed at the end of the straight light, firstly use the diagonal pliers to strip the wire about 10mm, and screw it into the terminal for insulation protection;

※In order to ensure waterproof and anti-corrosion, after the power cord is screwed into the terminal, it is recommended to inject one-component silica gel (or neutral glass glue, or waterproof grease) into the terminal to cover the exposed copper wire of the power cord for protection;

※Please do not touch or work with electricity on this product; it is recommended to use a switching power supply that has passed the relevant safety regulations (with short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection).

Package diagram

Packaging Instructions

※Packed in electrostatic bag Size: 250*350mm

※Outer box size: 457*337*320mm

※10PCS/layer, 10 layers per box total 100PCS

※Net weight (NW) 6.5(1±10%)kg

※Gross weight (GW): 8.7(1±10%)kg

Remarks: The above packaging quantity and weight are only for the packaging method shown in the figure. When other packaging methods are used, the packaging quantity and weight will be different, and the actual product shall prevail.

Installation diagram

Installation diagram description

The test panel is a 3mm thick acrylic whiteboard with a light transmittance of about 54.4%

The metal cube model was selected for the experiment

Evenly arranged according to product photoelectric performance parameters

Project case:

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