Development History

March 2014

Shenzhen Olight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established

The company produces LED products in small batches, including SMD injection molding modules, glue-dipping waterproof modules, point light sources, etc.

Established a foreign trade sales team, exported to major markets such as Europe and America


The company is positioned as a supplier of LED signs and light boxes

Established Olite Product R&D Department

The first to promote the 2835 9V high-brightness LED SMD injection molding module series in the market, and own product outsourcing Patent

In the second half of the year, the high-power lens module will be fully upgraded, and the all-inclusive module will be fully packaged

Introduce multiple injection molding machines to increase production output, with a monthly production capacity of one million sets of LED modules


Increase domestic sales and expand domestic sales area

Prioritize the promotion of high-power LED strip lights with diffuse reflection lens, which are widely used and replace traditional light box light sources span>

Introduce Japan JUKI imported high-speed placement machine, glue dispenser, etc. to improve production efficiency

The company's product series has been upgraded again, and it has participated in foreign exhibitions and won praise from customers