How to solve the problem of LED neon light

Time:2020/09/28    Article Release:本站

With the development of science and technology, the development of lighting technology has also sprung up in recent years. Various inexpensive and practical lighting products have entered our lives. LED neon strips play an important role in lighting products. Their beautiful lines And the flashing picture makes you indulge in the wonderful atmosphere, which is pleasing to the eyes and lingers.

LED neon lights have gradually emerged in the decoration industry due to their lightness, energy saving, softness, long life, safety and other characteristics. However, because the LED strip is a new product, many customers have not used it yet and do not know how to install it. The installation effect is not very good, mainly because the light is uneven, and the light and shade in the lamp trough are uneven. Let me introduce the installation method of LED neon lights:

Tools: pliers, scissors, electrical tape

Material: LED neon lights, special clips for LED light strips


1: First determine the length to be installed, and then take the integer to intercept, because the LED neon light is a unit of 1 meter, only if it is cut from the notch, it will not affect the circuit. If it is cut at random, it will cause a unit not to light up. Example: If the length of 7.5 meters is required, the LED neon light needs to be cut to 8 meters.

2: The LED neon light strip itself is a chip that emits light and is driven by direct current, so there are positive and negative poles. If the positive and negative poles are reversed, it is in an insulating state, and the LED neon light does not light up. If the connecting plug does not light up when it is powered on, you only need to disassemble the other end of the LED neon light. The LED light strips are similar.

3: The placement of the LED neon light strips, the LED light strips are packaged in trays, the newly disassembled LED light strips will be twisted, and it is not easy to install. Since the LED neon light strip is single-sided, if it is not placed flat, there will be uneven light and shade, especially at the corners.

4: Now there is a clip specially used for the installation of light trough light strips on the market, called Light Strip Companion. After use, the installation speed and effect will be greatly improved. If you need it, you can search on Taobao.

The above is the solution to the uneven lighting of LED neon strips. If you need more detailed solutions, please contact Shenzhen SUNLITE Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SUNLITE Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to LED light box lighting, logo lighting and decoration. A high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of lighting products. Our website is, welcome to consult.

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