What is the reason for the dead light of the LED d

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Sometimes the light box will have a dark area with light spots. When you open the canvas, there are several lights on the LED diffuse reflection light strip that are not on. When the light box is just installed, there is no such phenomenon on the entire light box canvas, but it will touch after a period of use. When a few lamp beads on the LED diffuse reflection light strip do not light up, this is what people in the industry call the dead light phenomenon. So what are the reasons for the dead light of LED diffuse reflector strips?

1. The quality of the lamp bead chip and the bracket material used by the lamp bead are the direct causes of the dead lamp

The use of inferior lamp beads will greatly increase the probability of dead lights of LED diffuse light strips. LED lamp beads are composed of a variety of materials, such as brackets, chips, gold wires, glue and other materials. If any of these materials has a performance Instability may cause the dead light of the led lamp bead.

2. A lamp bead on the series-parallel circuit board or the circuit is disconnected, so that no current flows through the led, causing the lamp bead to not light up

This situation will affect the normal operation of the entire section of LED lights. The reason is that due to the low operating voltage of LED lights, series and parallel connections are generally used to adapt to different operating voltages. The more LED lights in series, the greater the impact, as long as One of the LED lights or the internal connection of a part of this line is disconnected, which will cause the entire string of LED diffuse reflection light strips in the series circuit to not light up, which is also more serious.

3. Wiring errors cause the lamp bead to burn out, dead lamp or not bright

If you don’t know the wiring method of the LED diffuse reflection light strip, directly connecting 220V will cause the lamp to burn, and you need to replace a new light strip at this time, so you should carefully understand the specific parameters of the light strip before wiring. How to operate should consult the professional technicians of the purchased light bar manufacturer in time to avoid unnecessary losses; if only the light does not light up, it may also be because the power supply is out of power, the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed, the wrong wiring is connected, etc. In this case, check and correct it, and then connect the light bar to work normally.

4. The lamp bead does not light up and the lamp is dead caused by physical damage during packaging, transportation and installation

In the process of packaging, transportation and installation of LED diffuse reflection light strips, various physical damages will cause damage to the lamp beads, which will lead to dead lights and affect the non-lighting of the entire LED diffuse reflection light strip.

These are several reasons for the dead light of LED diffuse reflector lights. Now that you have read these introductions, do you have a preliminary understanding of LED diffuse reflector lights? If you need to know more about LED diffuse reflector lamps, please consult Shenzhen SUNLITE Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SUNLITE Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the research and development, production, Sales and service high-tech enterprises. Our website is http://en.sunlite-led.com, welcome to consult.

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